Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs about our management service and how we can help you achieve your goals.

1 – What services does smartbnb provide?

smartbnb provides professional management of your property through the airbnb platform or other similar platforms (, homeaway…). It undertakes the presentation of the property, the communication with the clients and the management of the rental (cleaning, keys, reception..). Because our services are based on the cooperation of our system with the airbnb platform, we achieve low full management costs while at the same time you set the dates and can use your property. We also provide airbnb rental data services to hosts using airbnb.

2 – Who is smartbnb for?

smartbnb is the ideal solution for someone who wants to rent out their property short term and maintain the flexibility to stay in the property at regular intervals as well as keep 90% of the management profit

3 – How do you achieve completeness?

If your goal is maximum occupancy of the property then our system can help: We manage the property in parallel on Airbnb, Homeaway, Holiday Lettings & which allows us to reach a wide audience abroad. We have also developed a dynamic pricing – occupancy model which has been optimized for airbnb bookings in the Greek market. Finally we allow guests to book the property directly on our site via credit card just like they would on Airbnb . In this way they benefit from a 12% discount and this contributes to the increase in bookings

4 – How do you ensure the security of my residence?

The safety of your home is also our priority. For this reason, part of our customer communication strategy is the screening of customers to meet a satisfactory tenant profile. When defining the profile, we also take into account your own wishes.
Your property is also covered by Airbnb’s guarantee up to £600,000.

5 – Where do you operate?

Currently we provide the full airbnb management service in Athens and Mykonos for Greece and in London and Berlin for UK and Germany respectively. If your property is not in these areas do not hesitate to contact us – we will suggest the best solution for you!

6 – How do I start?

Contact us by email at, or call us at +44(0)7984303160 and send us some photos of your property

Give us some information about your property and we will contact you to discuss how we can help you increase your occupancy and income.

7 – Can you furnish my apartment?

We do not offer furniture in our services but we can help you choose the furniture based on the income statistics according to the characteristics of the property that we collect from airbnb.

8 – How much can I earn from smartbnb?

Although the exact profit percentage depends on several factors such as property characteristics, size, neighborhood and seasonality we estimate that professional management through smartbnb will yield at least 150% over long-term rental.

9 – What should I do to prepare my property?

Our service is designed so that you don’t have to do anything except choose the dates you want us to manage your property!

10 – When can I start?

The technology of our platform and its connection with the airbnb platform allows us to start viewing and managing your property in a few hours

11 – When can I cancel the service?

You can cancel the management service at any time. Besides, you don’t pay anything if we don’t deliver results. If you do not have an airbnb profile or if your profile is not optimized and we upgrade it, we normally charge 149 euros for this service. If you stop the management before the 90 days of management then there is a cancellation fee of 300 euros

12 – What services do you provide to tenants?

As professional airbnb managers we do everything possible to offer an excellent customer experience. The effort begins with direct and clear communication (pre-booking), goes hand in hand with the reception and placement process and ends with the airbnb reviews process. We are available to the customer 24X7 to provide immediate solutions.

13 – How will I know when and to whom my property will be rented

You will have direct access to the rental calendar of your property in a special area of ​​ and we will send you a detailed guest profile. We provide full transparency of your property management.

14 – When and how do I receive the rent?

Payments are settled by us in a European Union Bank and after we withhold management fees you have access to your money in a special Bank account (wallet). The bank we work with allows you to access your money via a Debit Mastercard debit card. Alternatively, you can choose to withdraw to any other account in the European Union you wish.

15 – Can I set my own rules on my property?

Obviously! Let us know your rules and we will post them on your property profile and take them into account in the tenant selection phase