Professional Property Management
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Professional Property Management
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Professional Property Management
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Professional Property Management
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Professional Property Management
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Professional Airbnb Management
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What does SmartBnB offer?

Smartbnb Pricing

60% of the profit of a property is the location and 40% is determined by the pricing strategy. smartbnb's dynamic pricing models update prices on Aibnb on a daily basis to optimize your property's performance and ranking

Smartbnb Management

Short-term leasing generates 50-100% more revenue than long-term leasing. It also gives the owner the flexibility to use the property for his own use for certain periods. We answer questions from airbnb guests 24X7 and in less than 60 minutes - we professionally manage reviews and resolutions on Airbnb

Smartbnb MultiChannel

The promotion of the property on more than 50+ international channels ensures extra income atl. 50%! The key is the leading multi-channel system that dynamically promotes your property to millions of visitors via airbnb, booking, homeaway, tripadvisor, flipkey, expedia and many other platforms

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Innovative Multi-Channel Management Services

Calendar synchronization with all the platforms we promote your property on (Airbnb, Homeaway,, Tripadvisor…)

Micro-site for viewing and managing your property on

Instant payment of the reservation by credit card charge

What is included in our Services

Airbnb Profile: 24X7 communication & pricing

Maximum Fullness of Reservations

Personal Reception of Visitors

Professional Cleaning & Preparation

Manage your payments to a Bank in the UK

24X7 Support

We handle the full short-term rental management of your Airbnb property. Whether you are traveling and the property is your main residence or your holiday home and you stay periodically either way we will help you maximize your income. In addition, we are the only platform that promotes your property simultaneously on 50+ channels such as Homeaway,, Tripadvisor, Agoda…. Even our self-managed airbnb clients have seen a 100% increase in bookings from our dynamic exposure!

Partnership Packages

If you wish to outsource your communication with your customers, the management of your invoicing and payments to eWallet and the dynamic display of the property on more than 50 platforms at a cost of only 10% contact us! Most of our clients have achieved a 100% increase in bookings from our dynamic display!

Full Listing Management

We manage all channels and coordinate cleaning & locker
12% /reservation
  • Airbnb management
  • Includes, Expedia, Agoda, Homeaway, Tripadvisor & 50+ Channels!
  • Payment management and direct deposit payment via card to avoid no-shows
  • Calendar Management
  • Communication with visitors
  • Contact Airbnb
  • View and manage 50 channels! You prepare the property and welcome the guests!

Full Property Management

Full Property Management, Cleaning, Check-in/Check-out, Concierge
20% /reservation
  • Airbnb management
  • Manage on, Expedia, Agoda, Homeaway, Tripadvisor & 50+ Channels!
  • Payment management and direct deposit payment via card to avoid no-shows
  • Communication with visitors
  • Property Preparation
  • Reception & Visitor Support
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Key Management
  • Guests Concierge
  • We fully & professionally manage your property!

Long Term Rental

Long Term Rental ( Can be renovated/furnished )
% /reservation
  • Long-term Rental (Possibility of renovation/furnishing) !
  • Ideal for owners wanting a steady income and possibly upgrading and decorating their properties

Επεξεργασία Πληρωμών! Γνωρίστε την μοναδική υπηρεσία επεξεργασίας πληρωμών που περιλαμβάνετε στη διαχείριση μας. Όλες οι πληρωμές σας και από τα 50+ κανάλια προβολής εκκαθαρίζονται σε ειδικό eWallet κάτω από τον εταιρικό μας λογ/σμο στο UK. Επιπλέον, σας στέλνουμε χρεωστική κάρτα Mastercard για να έχετε πρόσβαση στα χρήματα σας 24Χ7 και να κάνετε αναλήψεις από οποιοδήποτε ATM στην Ελλάδα!

Payment Processing! Learn about the unique payment processing service that comes under our management. All your payments from all 50+ viewing channels are cleared to a dedicated eWallet under our company account in the UK. In addition, we send you a Mastercard debit card so you can access your money 24X7 and make withdrawals from any ATM in Greece! 

On Demand Services

You wish to view in 10 cm. visitors daily; Contact us at 6982998566 to take over the management of your property!

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Smartbnb Blog

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Host Success Team

  • Listing Creation
  • Host Support
  • Proactive Advice



Guest Experience Team

  • Guest troubleshooting
  • 24hr guest support
  • Guests portal



Pricing Team

  • Dynamic nightly rates
  • Earning Optimisation
  • Owners Portal



Operations Team

  • Operations management
  • Housekeeping monitoring
  • Planning

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Smartbnb is an independent third party and is not affiliated or endorsed by Airbnb or its affiliates, in any way. We provide bnb property management services for Airbnb,, Home Away and other short let platforms.